Independence Day: Celebrating liberty in the nation’s capital

Roughly 2,000 people sat along the National Mall in Washington D.C. (the grassy park which runs for two miles from the U. S. Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial) to watch the fireworks display over the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. Funky oversized sunglasses, red visors and families adorned in matching shirts, were just some of […]

In the midst of chaos there is serenity at the Huntington

“Here I sit, the splashing of water echoing in my ears from small waterfalls scattered around the park. The trees are beginning to change from green to a red or yellow. It is perfect serenity.” – Misty Severi The world outside the walls of the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens is a mess. […]

Following Lincoln: From the woods of Kentucky to Springfield, Illinois

Dark green trees flew past the window of the silver Buick that drove along the paved road through the Kentucky woodlands. Occasionally a horse or cow could be seen grazing on one of the hills or behind a wooden fence. This was the area surrounding Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace and his childhood home. Growing up in […]