My name is Misty Jade Severi — freelance journalist and photographer, extensive American traveler, aspiring world traveler.

I have an unusual story. When I was eight and nine years old, my parents took my two sisters and I on a year-long trip around the U.S., Canada and Mexico. That trip inspired my love for history, and through my love for history and writing, I fell in love with story-telling. My goal with this blog is to tell you stories about the history of America, about her people and show you her beautiful sites.

The year-long trip inspired many other adventures including living and working for a year on the Montana-North Dakota prairie and spending more months traveling across the U.S. to visit historic sites, national parks, and cultural events. I have been to every continental U.S. state, Canada, Mexico and Taiwan. Yes, the little island off the coast of China.

When I was six years old, I lived in Taiwan with my family. My parents were hired to teach English to the Taiwanese children. As a young homeschooled girl, this was my first experience in a classroom; the next time was at college when I was 16 and then 21.

I look at my past and future travels as an expansion of my love for my country. I want to travel back to Canada and Mexico because they are strong trade partners with the U.S. I want to visit England, France, and many other European countries for this same reason and because they are historically significant to the U.S. and still play an important role in who the U.S. is today through trade and culture. After this I want to visit our Asian trade partners, including China and India.

My career aspirations are to tie together my love of journalism, history and travel into one package. All of these things together led me to my aspiration to be a political reporter because I believe it is the job of the news media to inform citizens of the important information they need to consider when voting.

Above all of this I am a Christian and an American. There is nothing I take more seriously than my love for Christ, family and country, and I hope this will be reflected in this blog.