Welcome to my Website

This website revolves around my greatest passions: story-telling, history, traveling and photography. Some of these stories are local to Southern California, others include my travels around the United States.

All photos on this website are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

My name is Misty Jade Severi, and I am a lover of history, travels and adventure.

I am a recent graduate of California Baptist University with a Bachelor’s of Art in Global Journalism and American History. Traveler of America, aspiring world traveler, political reporter and photographer.

My blog is here to tell you about the places I go and the people I meet (Photo courtesy of Brittany Severi).

Enjoy my site!


Today will be my first day back at the office with other people since last year. Technically I went into the office a few weeks ago, but it was on a day we could work from home so barely anyone was there. 👀

1 year ago today was my final first day of undergrad in California. Now I’m living in Washington D.C. and have had a full-time job in the career field I wanted for 5 months. Life sure has changed!

I wrote about the lessons I’ve learned from rural America for @Evie_Magazine, mostly touching on my time spent in northern “Old West” California which still embodies an independent and community-driven spirit that’s left much else of the country:

My COVID test came back negative today! I’m officially COVID free! Still really tired and having to use an inhaler for a bit, but at least the virus itself is gone now! 🥰

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